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Lama Folklore Festival


In Lama, the Festival of music and folklore, organized by the Philharmonic Lama.

The Philharmonic Association Lama, is certainly an example of evolution band occurred in recent decades, thanks to the efforts of its members and the many musical exchanges and twinning arrangements made with other groups but especially Italian North-East Europeans, who have a musical culture (and band), and different in 1978 under pressure from some fans and musicians from around the country Lama, was named the Middle Age (taken from one of the first marches in the repertoire) and was formed a large group of majorettes. Since then he has been a crescendo of success locally, nationally and internationally. The artistic guidance of Banda is now entrusted to Maestro John Comanducci. The band still plays the traditional role of diffonditrice band of music and culture, as well as oversee training for emerging artistic forces. It is currently composed of about 40 musicians, many of whom were musically trained in his own music school. The repertoire is varied and intense, ranging from parade marches to compositions of such concert, however, preferring original compositions for banda. In addition to the band, the pride of the Association Philharmonic Lama has always been the Majorettes group formed by the group of "large", composed of girls ages 12 to ... enta, offering a repertoire ranging from classical choreography marches parade involving ethnic dances, not to mention movie soundtracks or musical. The dance (if we can define) colors their performances with several costume changes (during the travel about a quarter of baggage is reserved for them!!) And with the use of accessories typical of majorettes, pom-pom like, clubs, bands, etc. .. The other half of the group, the "small", is formed by students of the school majorettes (totally free!) Who are still in elementary school or middle school, and offers more playful songs occasionally resorting to other more appropriate accessories such as umbrellas, hats, etc. ... And 'thanks to the musical-choreographic variety and vitality of the group involving the majorettes and banda Lama enjoy sympathy and acclaim by the audience at every concert. The credit must surely shared with managers-choreographers who are Good and Silvia Sabrina Mariucci, who thanks to their experience and patience are able to deliver a cohesive and successful team.